iPhone 4 Theme

iPhone 4 Theme S60 (5th Edition) 1.00

Turn your Nokia phone into an iPhone 4!


  • iOS-style watery background image
  • Icons are faithful to their iOS counterparts


  • Not all iOS icons are included


The iPhone 4 Theme will skin your Symbian S60 5th Edition device to make it look like it's running the iOS interface of the iPhone 4.

Applying the iPhone 4 Theme will not only add the famous water droplet background of iOS to your phone, it will also update many of your phone's program and settings icons to copy those of iOS. For example, the calendar, settings, and clock icons are all accurate reproductions of their iOS equivalents.

Unfortunately not all of the icons in the iPhone 4 Theme are changed to match the iOS ones. The internet and music icons, for instance, remain with the traditional Symbian design.

Of course, the iPhone 4 Theme won't completely change the look and behavior of the S60 operating system. But it does make for an attractive new look for Apple fans!

iPhone 4 Theme


iPhone 4 Theme S60 (5th Edition) 1.00

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